Traditional Coffee Tour

Guided by our experts. You will experience the whole process of coffee production in the same way our ancestors have been doing it for many centuries. You will realize and understand how a special coffee is cultivated and produced. From the very moment the seed is planted until a Sustainable cup of “Ocaso Coffee” is enjoyed. It’s crafted with love!



ENGLISH TOUR: 9:00am - 11:00am - 12:00m - 1:00pm - 2:00pm 4:00pm

SPANISH TOUR: 10:00am - 3:00pm

DURATION: 1:30 minutes

BOOKING: It is not necessary, just be 15 minutes earlier

GROUP MAX: 20 People

PRICE: $15.000 COP


  • Tour to the coffee plantations
  • The organic composting process
  • Tour of the drying process
  • Tour to the warehouse and coffee selection area
  • tasting a cup of Sustainable “Ocaso Coffee”

Premium Coffee Tour

In this Tour our experts will guide you through the crafted cycle of specialty coffees. Start your journey discovering the important role that coffee has played in the cultural development of the region.

Then, you will get to know step by step the growing process of coffee beans from the moment the seeds are planted until the cheery beans are selected and harvested.

We will then take you through our plantations to see one of the many springs where clear fresh water finds its way to the river. At this point you will experience the unique characteristics of climate, altitude, flora, fauna and birds that allow our plantations to grow the sweetest coffee beans.

You also will witness the peeling, washing, drying, roasting and marketing processes needed before a cup of Sustainable “Ocaso Coffee” reaches our customers’ tables. The manual selection is made by local single mothers.

Finally, immerse yourself in the tempting experience of cupping coffees with different kinds of roasting, grinding, and preparation methods. The whole experience will definitely leave memorable sensations to all your senses. We will teach you how to prepare a perfect cup of Sustainable “Ocaso Coffee”.

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FROM: 9:00 am Spanish Tour and 2:00 pm English Tour


BOOKING: Required

GROUP MIN: 1 people

GROUP MAX: 12 people

PRICE: $65.000 COP per person


  • Touring around coffee plantations submerged in the forest, where you will experience the collection process surrounded by many birds species
  • Getting to know our traditional drying and selection processes would give you a better understanding of whole production chain.
  • Finally we all will enjoy and cup our Coffee using two different method of extraction. At this point we wish you understand and appreciate the value of a love-crafted cup of “Ocaso Coffee”.

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