Colombia is the first country in the world in bird diversity (1,889 species), equivalent to 20% of bird species on Earth.

197 species of migratory birds come to our National Territory. There are many places in Colombia where birding can be done and Salento is one of them with 352 species and 54 families reported so far by different groups of ornithologists and regional bird watchers.

Ramphocelus flammigerus, Rupicola peruvianus, Penelope perspicax, Red Partridge (Odontophorus hyperythrus), Toro Pisco and a large variety of Tangaras (Tangara gyrola, Tangara vitriolina, Tangara Labradors, Tangara cyanicollis, etc.) and hummingbirds (Cabecicastaño-Anthocephala floriceps, Amazilia Andino - Amazilia franciae, etc.), among others are the birds that you can find in this region.

In any case, whether hiking in the “Valle de Cocora”, enjoying our Coffee Tours or simply relaxing in the gardens of “El Ocaso” farm, keep your eyes wide open because you never know what you can see flying around.

At “El Ocaso” farm we have special plans and specific tracks to do this activity, ask our friendly staff!

Chlorophanes spiza - Mielero verde

Cyanocorax yncas - Carriqui de montaña

Eubucco bourcierii - Torito cabecirojo

Piranga rubra - Piranga roja